January 9, 2020

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  • School went well this morning. We had our school this morning . Things went fairly well-we are working hard to finish a few things up before February. I know that we will do less school even on days when we "do school" while we are gone, but we still have to do a decent amount because who wants to be finishing up school in the middle of July!
  • I think that my kids have already transitioned into vacation mode around here....at least when it comes to chore time. That continues to be a bit of struggle getting back into that routine. However, I can't say much because I am a bit lax on my housekeeping these days as well. I saw a lady post today that she would pay someone to come and fold her laundry-I thought about signing up for that job! At least our laundry and dishes are caught up.
  • After lunch Whitman still had about 5 pages of school left (math which takes forever, a handwriting page which also takes forever along with 2 phonics pages which is can breeze through). When I finished with the treadmill, I walked through the house and found Whitman on his ipad. I was quick to ask about school, but Reagan was quick to tell me that she helped him finish. I had not asked her, but she worked with him to help him finish-incredible sweet.
  • I wasn't really around much today. By 2:30 I left to work at the pregnancy center, then a quick trip to Lowes for shelf holers, and finally to the church for Refresh. While I was gone, the house was pretty busy....Campbell made cookies for everyone's afternoon snack. Soon afterwards, there was basketball practice for Campbell, Anderson and Graham. Robby had pizza for supper for everyone, and they were just finishing up when I came in.
  • Just like all other families, Robby and I rearranged a few kitchen cabinets tonight right before bedtime. We did move the toaster to a lower shelf which makes sense because the kids can't really reach it or if they can, then they can't put it back. We also moved the panini maker which we use daily, into the kitchen and out of Robby's office. I really love to have things organized. 
  • It was then bedtime for the kiddos. Keaton has put pillows underneath her mattress making her bed into a hospital bed. Graham has about 14 blankets on him while Whitman has decided that he likes sleeping with his shirt off. These people!

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