January 18, 2020

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  • I do think that sleeping in on a Saturday would be a perfectly wonderful thing, but I also know that there is no Saturday sleeping in for me in the near or even far future. That is fine though because we just have one more week of basketball after today. 
  • Keaton and Campbell were up before we were this morning. They were excited about the day and both dressed and ready laying in their beds on their ipads. We left Whitman and Graham at home this morning and met Reagan, who had spent the night at Grannymom's house, at Keaton's ball game.
  • Keaton's team lost by just a few points, but let's talk about Keaton. She is the rebound queen-every time there was a ball near by her, she would grab it. Also, she scored at least 16 points during the game. 
  • We then ran to pick up Anderson, who had spend the night with Jacob. He was happy to see us but was probably more happy to see the sausage biscuit we brought for him. We then all ran to Kroger to pick up some chips. Anderson was anxious to go in with us since we found him sale Legos there last week, and we did again today. He bought a 16 dollar set for 10 dollars so that was good. And those new shelves that we just got for his Legos are pretty much filled up already.
  • At home, we just had a bit of time. I did some packing work, and then it was time to leave again. Campbell's game was next. Her team did well and even squeaked at a win. Campbell got a few shots in and continues to improve. Just like Keaton's team, there are a few timid girls, but then there are some pretty tough ones-Campbell, not surprisingly, is one of the tough ones.
  • After the game, we ran to Hobby Lobby and picked up some pizza for a late lunch. After lunch, we gathered aroung the tv to watch the Hogs. About the time their coach started acting up, I started to wake up-it was after all getting a bit loud in the living room. The hogs couldn't pull it off, but the kids still had basketball on their brain and went outside to play some. 
  • Robby and I decided that we should do our treadmill time so that is what we did. Then he took Anderson and Graham to the Nike store. Anderson needs new shoes, but they couldn't find any. Graham only has socks with holes so he did find him some of those. Unfortunately, we now also need to find Anderson shoes before travel day.
  • When they returned home, we played Robby's game from Christmas-The Oregon Trail. Whitman has been so anxious to play that he could hardly wait or sit still! It is a group game so we did win despite many of us dying of dysentary. Afterwards, it was soon bedtime for the crew.

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