January 2, 2020

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  • Another fairly lazy day around here. The first thing that happened was another walk on the treadmill. I will say that my shins are so sore that I am hobbling through the house tonight. I am not too sure that I will be able to do that silly treadmill tomorrow. I did tell Robby that if we had one of those Peloton bikes, then we could exercise while sitting down!
  • This morning was a blur of house stuff-dishes and laundry. I did help Anderson organize his bedroom shelf. Keaton and I spent a huge amound of time to organizing his new basketball cards.
  • Around 2, I loaded Reagan up and we went to the State Police Department. I was a bit worried about how well she would do-remember we have never really had any real tests around here. She has studied well-even taken notes from her book. 
  • The line was long (note to self: don't go during a school break), but we moved quickly. Soon she was off taking the test. I barely finished looking at my Instagram before she popped out of the room with the permit in her hand. I don't know who was more relieved. I definitely know who is more afraid now!
  • We ran to get a celebatory drink from Planet Smoothie and then the library. Campbell was home when we arrived home. She had a fun time at Grannymom's house and told me all about it when I came in.
  • Soon Robby was making pizza crust for the kids. We called them in so they could get their pizzas ready. They worked on their pizzas. The kids had their pizzas while Robby and I had our leftover ChickFilA soup. 
  • There were showers tonight along with some ipad time. Then, we ended our day with watching some tv together while eating popcorn. 

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