Florida February: January 29, 2020

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We just let that alarm clock ring and ring this morning. It was like we were on vacation. I had told the kids that I would wake them up at 8:30, but at 9:30 people were still just getting out of their beds. That was fine with me though.

Campbell was the first one awake. She found her school, which is a bit ole mess. Then she worked on it, until she heard lots of others stirring. Graham was the next one awake and immediately started on his school. I just had everyone do the rest of their school from the other day so no one had math or writing which really lightened their loads.

We finished school and even did our work together this morning. Robby joined us on our Bible reading since we are trying to stick with the church's schedule. Around 11, we cooked about 5 pounds of hamburger meat along with 3 pounds of sausage. We made speghetti for supper along with mac and cheese for a snack some evening.  While we cooked, Campbell, Whitman and Keaton swam some. It continues to be ice cold water, but they didn't seem to mind. Campbell was in the pool probably for an hour.

Soon we were all sitting around the dining room table eating our lunch. It has been a long time since we all ate supper together at home-basketball kind of slowed down our supper eating-so it was nice to eat together. 

At 1:30ish we loaded up for Walmart. Well, we were going to Epcot, but Walmart had to be our first stop. We had a few more things to buy this afternoon-light bulbs, hand soap and dish soap were the main things. This trip didn't take nearly as long-Robby went one way and I went the other. We were soon back at the front. That Walmart is just crazy since it was still busy, and it seemed that every single person was buying things for their vacation.

We then met up with the Crafts at Epcot. They were trading pins so we quickly caught up and did that. The kids still love trading pins-Anderson and Graham are probably the most into it. If they ever find a pin that they think someone else can use, they will grab it for them.

We walked past some living statues in Epcot. They are having their Festival of the Arts so there are artsy things so many places. We picked up our Passholder magnets and then walked to ride Soarin. After the ride, we stopped to have a snack. Then it was time for our Living with the Land boat ride.

Epcot has a new movie in that section called Awesome Planet. It was good and yes, even though the movie was just 10 minutes long, my eyes got a wee bit heavy during it. Whitman wanted to sit in my lap during the movie which is just so warm and cozy.

Then we rode the Nemo ride. By this time it was starting to sprinkle a little bit. We decided to head to France so we could eat our snacky suppers in a covered area. Our original plan was to watch the Beauty and Beast Sing along before staying later for the fireworks. However, by the time we were done with our suppers, the singalong had turned into the movie about France.

And for supper, we had planned on just snacking from our bag. However, the kids seemed famished with just one thing from the bag. So Robby bought some ham and cheese croissants, bagguetts and some other pastry for a little snack. That sure made my people happy! We will have to plan better tomorrow and bring some heavier snacks.

So we opted to just come home early and skip tonight's fireworks. The big 3 Craft girls came home to spend the night with us so they were grateful for the extra time to play. We will still have to see the fireworks another night. 

We walked back to the cars, loaded up the extras and headed back to the house. We were in the house with most kids showered and all kids snacked up before 9:30. It was quite an odd experience being home so early. I will be finished with the blog by 9:45 and our clothes will soon be in the dryer. I guess that it will be a good thing to get in bed before 1 since we are planning on doing a rope drop tomorrow morning.

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