January 7, 2020

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  • Another school day-two days down now, and we really did pretty good. Graham was awake at 7, and by 8:30 when we started school he was finished with his school work. We did our reading first, and then I did switch things up a bit today and work with Anderson first.
  • Whitman had one less page of math, but I do think that his math will eventually be the reason that I send him to school. He just is in no hurry! Reagan is doing geometry now, Anderson algebra, Graham prealgebra, but problems like 13-7 are going to cause me to lose my ever loving mind! 
  • We did our treadmilling this afternoon. I did tell Robby that sense I am older now, I will have to walk slower. I didn't though-I did .2 miles more than yesterday. That isn't a lot, but still it's good. 
  • This afternoon was full of lots of things-painting shelves, building Legos with Whitman, straightening the house and organizing a shelf. What I should have been doing though was making a snack for Keaton's Bible study class tomorrow. I remembered her snack about 20 minutes before bedtime tonight. I tried to convince her to take something already made from our pantry but chocolate chip cookies is what she wanted. 
  • Keaton had basketball tonight so I took her to practice. Then we met everyone at Nonna's house to celebrating my birthday. Nonna had taco soup and tacos for supper tonight along with a chocolate cake. 
  • I had lots of presents to open-a laundry sign, lots of pillows and a shopping trip for later. Whitman had brought his marble track so he enjoyed playing that. And all of the other kiddos are big into Nertz right now. I used to be the Nertz queen in college but my big kids can give me a run for my money now. 
  • Once at home, the kids played outside for a good 30 minutes after we came in. Then there were showers to do and cookies to throw together and quickly bake before bedtime!

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