January 16, 2020

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  • Campbell and Graham were both up working hard on school work this morning. They along with Keaton were all pretty much finished by the time that we started on our reading early this morning.
  • When most people are finished with their school early, they are anxious to work with me. They aren't officially finished with school until they finish working with me so they were ready to do this. I flew through the first three and then slowed down. Anderson and I don't have a lot to do together but his math is kind of hard to check these days so it takes a while. 
  • Campbell and Keaton helped Whitman with his school work today. I did have to often tell them to stop doing it for him. For example, if his math was 13-5, Campbell would say "what is 3 plus 5?" and on his phonics, they would read both sentences for him leaving only the picture for him to match. He is a smart kid, but he quickly figures out how to get by with doing very little.
  • By 11:30, most peope headed outside. Actually, everyone did-Reagan was the first to herd a group to go with her. Whitman and her played for a long while on the trampoline. He was out there in his long feetie Minecraft pjs. Anderson even took a break from his school to go and play. 
  • Later in the afternoon, I even ended up outside for a little bit to play some basketball with the people. It started off as me, Anderson and Graham but Keaton and Campbell came to join us. The kids were a bit highstrung, but I was a bit too because I was freezing to death. I tell you it took them about 10 minutes to pass the ball in once-it was too cold for that silliness!
  • There was treadmilling this afternoon along with some fort making by Keaton and Whitman. I have not yet been upstairs so I don't know what kind of fort treat awaits me. I have kind of given up on the house lately because my plan is to clean really well right before we leave. 
  • This evening, Robby and I had a dinner at church. The chicken, cake and rolls were really great. The but onions in my salad and broccoli in my rice make me not as happy! Despite the extra veggies, we still enjoyed the dinner.
  • Meanwhile, it took a village to get my Thursday basketball players to practice and back home. Sara took them and brought Campbell home while the boys' coach brought them home. They had fun at practice and all headed to the showers when they came in the door.
  • This evening I should have been working on my blog some or actually cleaning off my incredibly messy school desk, but all of the kids were sitting in the living room. Some were watching tv, some watching their ipads and some doing school. It was too perfect for me to leave...
  • And that did last for a few minutes but then it quickly came to an end. Keaton and Whitman didn't do their science today with Reagan so she decided to do it tonight. She wasn't that friendly with them so the reciprocated with not listening at all. It didn't go over very well. I would have thought that by now they would have figured out how to act.

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