January 12, 2020

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  • It was a chilly Sunday morning. As we were leaving, Anderson asked if his black jacket when with his Sunday shirt. I was quick to assure him that of course it would be fine, and honestly, when it is below freezing you can pretty much where whatever you want to church....
  • Except for Whitman-he didn't get to wear whatever he wanted to wear. He wanted a sweatshirt, but instead I opted for a fleece pullover. It was orange so why would he not like it? Well, he didn't like it at all and pulled it off as soon as we came in the church house.
  • Sunday school went fine today-19 first graders definitely made the morning go very quickly.
  • After church, we headed to Nonna's house for lunch. She had lasagna which everyone enjoyed-except for Whitman. He was a bit upset with me because I made him put some lasagna on his plate. He didn't understand why he didn't get to eat what he wanted to eat. It is tough being 6 in the Dennie house-don't get to wear what you want, don't get to eat what you want.
  • Reagan drove us home from Nonna's house. She did very well. Now, sometimes it seems that she is driving way too slow and other times it seems that she is driving way too fast (45 mph). She really did very well though-we made it! I asked her if her palms were sweaty-she said no, but mine sure were.
  • This afternoon we did have our Sunday afternoon nap. It was wonderful. Robby doesn't like Sunday afternoon naps as much as I do. And he sure didn't like it when we had to do our treadmill time after our nap. We did have a few minutes between nap and treadmill. Robby brushed his teeth while I had some cookie butter. Can you guess which one of us has actually lost weight from the treadmill time this year?
  • Reagan and Anderson went to their life group tonight. While they were gone, the rest of us had supper and that was pretty much it. Their group is pretty short so soon it was time for Robby to pick them up while I worked on school for next week. 
  • Of course at 9 tonight, instead of herding the kids to bed, Robby and I started work on rearranging the kitchen pantry. We didn't do as much organizing right after Christmas but we have been catching up lately, and I LOVE it!We have done quite a bit of organizing, but still have lots to do!

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