Florida February: January 31, 2020

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Robby's alarm went off at 6:30 this morning which confused both us until we realized that it was yesterday's alarm. Today we didn't have to wake up until 8. When I did leave the room this morning, Graham was playing the xbox with his school all done beside him. 

I started to wake everyone else up-some were harder to wake up than others. My Reagan and Whitman were very difficult to wake up. That was fine though because while they were starting to stir, I finished working with Graham, Keaton and Campbell.

Whitman did his school work (still just another half today) with me while Anderson worked on his. Somehow Reagan had forgotten about her school work which mean that she had to do it tonight. Then we did some reading together before everyone started to get ready.

I took my shower a bit late so while I was doing that Robby was making lunch for us. We then headed to Hollywood Studios for a little bit this afternoon. Our first stop was the Indiana Jones show. We have seen it a few times before, but Whitman always acts like he has never seen it before and jumps at every loud noise. 

Then we met up with the Crafts for the Frozen Sing Along. I did my best to stay awake, but as always it was a little bit difficult. Afterwards, we headed to the Pixar area and got autographs and pictures with Edna Mode and Mr. Incredible. 

Next we rode the Alien Swirling Saucers. We were on the ride when it suddenly stopped, and they herded us back to the gate. We waited a while-I was hoping that they were going to pass out fast passes. Instead we got to ride the ride again! Ha! I was sure looking forward to that fast pass and using it on something fun (not the swirling saucers).

It started sprinklng so we decided that we would call it a shorter day. We took all the Craft girls home. The original plan was to go right swimming, but the rain continued so they played in the house for a while. Finally, we decided that the rain wasn't too bad, so we headed for the neighborhood pool. 

It isn't that big, but it is heated. The kids had a blast swimming for probably an hour or more. Whitman started off struggling a bit in the pool since he has not swam in a while. However, he soon remembered how to do it and was swimming across the pool. Now his swim is still ugly, and I have to watch him like a hawk, but he was able to do it. (And yes, he will get a few more swim lessons later this year.)

I took a car load of kids back to the house and threw them in the different showers, while Robby walked the rest of the kids home. We did run around like crazy getting 10 kids showered and grabbing suits and towels so I could wash them. 

Soon the Craft adults arrived with their supper. I had tacos for my crew, and Traci did as well. Everyone ate, and then the kids watched a movie in the living room on a projector. We even had ice cream for dessert too so everyone was happy.

Once they headed back to their place, my crew helped pick up the house before they had a bit of downtime. My Keaton and Campbell worked on their tomorrow's school (yes, even on a Saturday.) Then after calls to Grannymom and Nonna, it was time for bed!

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