December 31, 2019-New Year's Eve!

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  • Another wonderful day of not really knowing what day it is nor having much of anything to do. I am a bit sad that this little break is coming to an end; I could get use to this. 
  • Yesterday, I remembered that we had not yet planned for Sunday school for next week. I wrote our co-teachers and told them that I would do it. They quickly wrote back and said they were surprised I was already thinking about Sunday school. Then I finally realized that it was only Monday and not the Thursday that I thought it was.
  • There were dishes and laundry this morning like usual. Plus I did make a dip for tonight and helped Graham make Oreo balls. They would have been a lot easier to make if I had a food processor. Maybe that will have to be on next year's Christmas list.
  • There was also Legos to be put up. I helped Anderson cart all of his new stuff upstairs. Whitman worked on his Disney pins, and I pulled out school for Reagan for next week. Campbell worked on finishing a Lego set as well. We didn't really accomplish much today, but somehow I was busy most of the day long.
  • A bit after noon, we loaded up for our second movie in two week-Jumanji. Don't tell anyone, but I had planned on taking a nap during this movie. However, I was so interested in it that I stayed awake the whole time. Now at the very end I was starting to get sleepy, but as soon as I closed my eyes the movie was ending.
  • I was able to get my nap this afternoon for a few minutes. When my alarm did go off, it was time to gather the people and load up. We headed to the Crafts for a New Year's Party. The NYEs that we have had partys have really been less than the nights that we have. 
  • We had chili, hot dogs and lots of other goodies. We were outside most of the night long, but the bonfire kept us cozy. Robby strongly disagrees, but I just love going to bed with my hair smelling of campfire smoke.
  • The kids were able to run around outside and even watch the tv that Casey had set up. They all had fun-my bigs even enjoy watching and playing with all of the littles that were there. We did move the party indoors for the big event. The station that was on didn't have the NY ball dropping so Whitman was disappointed to not see the ball drop. 
  • After it was 2020, we tried to pick up for a second before grabbing our stuff and heading home for bed. We have one extra tonight, but it was still pretty much bedtime!

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