January 4, 2020

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  • What a wonderful last holiday break day. We didn't really do a whole lot. Robby and I did walk first thing after getting up this morning. We are pleased so far with our progress (not missing a day) but also a bit apprehensive if we can keep it up this next week (and tomorrow since I sure don't want to miss my nap.)
  • After our walk and showers, we headed right to the kitchen and stayed there for a good while. We had some whole milk to use so we made 4 more recipes of cinnamon rolls. I will say that today, we got it right. We froze some too so the real test will see if they work as well. 
  • I keep seeing people on Facebook selling things to pay for their kids college-maybe we should start selling our cinnamon rolls. I believe that I would have to sell them for 100 dollars apiece though.
  • Robby had to take a break to run to Shannon's to borrow some flour. Reagan drove there and back. We are determined to get her lots of driving time but are still trying to take baby steps. Robby said that she sure didn't like it when cars would pass by her as she was driving. 
  • We did take another break during our cinnamon roll making to run to to Target. The little girls had some money to spend there-they both bought a gallon of glue along with some brushes. They were tickled pink, as I was since I bought a silverware caddy.
  • Then it was back home.  Soon the Wilsons were over, and we were heating up our leftovers from last night along with hamburgers. Everyone ate around the tv watching the basketball game. Then we all celebrated the win with cinnamon rolls and oreo delight. It was a perfect end to our holiday break.

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