January 13, 2020

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  • Monday morning and there was little drama. We did our reading and are working on knocking out all of our library books. I only have 66 books checked out right now, so hopefully by next week we will have a few less checked out. 
  • Spelling on the first day of the week is often fairly easy so that does help with my time. Anderson flew through his math today, while Whitman was still working on his school work at 5. Don't feel too bad for him-he played with his magnets, he shot bb guns with the girls, and he found a zillion other things to do during the day instead of his math page.
  • I did my treadmill time around lunch then had a sandwich before we started work on our afternoon reading. We are contining our work on our chocolate project from the other day. Today, the kids just had to design the packaging and pick a name for their pretend chocolate bar. Poor Campbell and Graham couldn't agree about theirs at all. Graham was extremely patient with his sister.
  • The next task was putting up a few Christmas presents-yep, there are still presents sitting around my living room. Robby and I even have some left in our bedroom. We put up quite a bit and even packed our Disney pins. 
  • I then used Campbell and Keaton's man power to help me do some packing. The bonus room is now filled with piles of boxes and bags. Things are a mess up there, but it is coming together. We might be ready to leave on time!
  • We went to the Ferguson's house to watch the ballgame tonight. When I told Whitman what we were doing, he was quick to ask if we had to watch the ballgame. I assured him that he would get to play. He loved playing with all of their toys along with playing with the boys. 
  • We had chili, cheese dip, brownies and rice krispy treats. I think that my big boys ate pretty much the entire time that we were there. We all had a fun visiting and watching the game. We did come home after the 3rd quarter, so once the kids had brushed and were in their pjs then we did let them watch the end of the game. Needless to say, it was a very late night!

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