January 24, 2020

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  • The last day of school around here for a while! Yippee! I think that I was more excited than the kids. Everyone but Anderson and Whitman were finished by 9:30ish. Anderson is slow and steady while fooling around some. Whitman on the other hand can't even be considered slow when doing one math problem takes him an hour. He had much less than normal today and gracious, if it still didn't take all day!
  • As the kids finished their work, I would pack up their books. Our load will be a bit heavier this time due to all of the school books. Hopefully, we will use most of the papers that I pack so we can not bring so much stuff home.
  • Keaton and Campbell left this morning with Nonna. They spent the night over there tonight. I know that they had lots of fun and even manged to eat out. They called me a few times on their ipad and both times they were playing with a bucket full of slime.
  • Reagan spent quite a bit of time this afternoon packing. I have not even gone upstairs to see what all she had packed. I do believe that she has included her giant hooded sweatshirt from Christmas-that girl does not plan to get cold at all.
  • Anderson and I worked on finishing a Lego set that we had to rebuild after homeschool day earlier this week. It didn't take us too long. I do have a strange obsession with finishing all of the Lego sets. I think it is because I really want the extra lego bins to be manageable.
  • There was also a lot of car packing today. We have done quite a bit and hopefully the rest will happen easily tomorrow. When you look at all that we cram in the car, I am always surprised that it is all able to fit. Maybe I am an overpacker? Would we need all of this stuff if there weren't 8 of us? 
  • The boys had basketball practice tonight while Reagan, Robby and Whitman went to eat at Chilis. Then they picked up food for the boys so everyone came home happy with full stomachs. 
  • I was at a birthday party tonight so I didn't get home until fairly late. And I also came home happy with a full stomach! Tomorow is the last basketball games so that will be wonderful!

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