January 22, 2020

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  • It was certainly a cold and rainy day. It was probably good that it wasn't raining this morning whne it was time to wake everyone up. In 30 minutes, everyone at this house can wake up, get ready, eat breakfast and manage to empty the trashcans. I couldn't be more pleased with my crew!
  • We were sure hoping to see some winter weather today while we were at Bible study, but we didn't see any at all except for lots of cold and dreary rain. We said goodbye to our teachers and told them that we would see them in a week or two or five!
  • Then it was off to meet Robby at Kroger to get gas for the cars. There was talk of running into Kroger to buy some breakfast foods for the trip, instead we just opted for McDonalds for lunch for Robby's car and Walmart for my car.
  • I just had Whitman and Campbell. Walmart didn't take us too long-we had to buy one grocery item, 5 cheap plastic ponchos to carry in my backpack plus shoes for Whitman. Bless, I am not sure where the Walmart shoes were, but there was only 1 pair that was in his size. It took him a while to decide if he would like them, but when he decided he did, I grabbed those shoes and headed out of the store. 
  • This afternoon I did work on some Legos with Anderson. Then there was also some treadmilling for me. Finally, I packed Campbell and Keaton. They had followed my list and laid all of their clothes out. When it was time for me to help them pack their bags, it took us no time at all.
  • We ate our supper tonight at church since it was ham and cheese croissants. Then it was time for classes-Robby helped my group. There aren't many of them, but it is still a bit chaotic. It doesn't last too long, so soon we were back in the freezing car.
  • Once at home, the kids put away their laundry followed by pjs and a snack. Reagan did make herself a coffee float. She wasn't too pleased wtih it-possibly because she had to use the ice cream from inside of an ice cream sandwich. However, she did eat it all! Then it was time for vegging out before bedtime. 

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