Florida February: January 27, 2020

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I know that I say it every single trip, but there is just nothing like hotel sleeping Robby did get up and go to the bathroom at 7 this morning. I thought that it was still the middle fo the night so I was a bit bummed when he told me the time. That was fine though because I had slept wonderfully. I think that the kids had as well. Anderson and Whitman were all curled up on their bed and looked to be sleeping well despite Anderson saying that he struggle to fall asleep last night because of his bed buddy.

We had our breakfast at the hotel. It looked like the girls left about an hour before us. Graham did say that eating breakfast takes us a lot of extra time, but as I was eating my granola and yogurt, I told him that it was worth it.

Robby drove for a little bit this morning, but soon I was the driver for the rest of the day. I was able to start my blog before I started driving, but again I was so interested in our podcast that we were listening to that I was completely distracted.

After I started driving, we finished up one podcast and listened to another one. Today’s was about a missing Georgia lady. It was a bit spooky since we were driving right near the town. Unfortunately, we didn’t finish the story, so who knows what happened.

We stopped for gas once and stopped for lunch at Arbys. We also spent a good deal of the day talking to Keaton and Campbell on the phone. They were having so much fun and wanted to tell us all about it.

Soon we were pulling up to the gate for our neighborhood. Robby and I had to check in at the front office, and then it was off to find the house. The kids were beyond excited. Graham has been the most excited about the house-I was afraid that everyone was going to knock Robby down trying to get in as he unlocked the door.

When you walk in there is a bedroom on the left (Andersons) and the garage is on the right. The garage has a pool table (crooked), foosball, air hockey (broke), along with a washer and dryer. Next on the left is a dining room which now has all of my school stuff boxed up along the walls. On the right opposite the dining room is a bathroom which leads to Reagan’s room.

The master is also on the left side of the house with a huge bathroom and a large closet which now contains bazillion of empty bins of ours. There is a living room which leads off to the enclosed pool area. The pool isn’t huge but it is adequate. And off of the living room is Reagan’s room which is on one end of the hall. Then there is a Mickey Mouse room with two twin beds for Keaton and Campbell. The next room has Mario Cart bedding for Whitman and Graham followed a bathroom at the end of the hall.

We have maxed out every bit of space in this place. We have brought enough stuff for a month or even a bit longer! As soon as we explored, we started unloading the car. We worked for at least 15 minutes doing that. Then the kids started unpacking their bags. We stayed as long as we could until leaving to the meet the Crafts.

Today was did Hollywood Studios. Abigail rode with us on Star Tours. The boys were excited that today’s ride was using the new Star Wars movie. We then walked through Star Wars land-it seemed crazy crowded. 

We waited in line for awhile before riding Alien Swirling Saucers. Then it was time for the Toy Story ride which is always a favorite. Then we headed out of the park to ride the Skyliner. I rode with most of the littles, and they had a blast riding it.

When we arrived at Epcot, it was kind of sprinkling so we didn’t want to take any Skyliner chances so we opted for the boat back to Hollywood Studios. We all walked to our cars. The girls had their bags so we loaded up and brought them back to the house. Whitman was so excited to get Keaton a tour of the house.

It didn’t take long for the girls to unpack their bags and make their room all cute. Meanwhile, Robby and I were working like mad trying to unpack. It took a bit but we finally unpacked and called it a night!

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