Florida February: January 26, 2020

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It is hard for 8 people to sneak into church late. Our morning didn't start off in a frenzy, but when all of us had to walk to the 4th row and plop down, you would have thought that we had been in a frenzy. 

Our alarm went off at 7, and we were up soon afterwards. I had the dishes put away and laundry folded before Robby was out of the shower. The kids were still sleeping. This was surprising since Graham was practically giddy last night.

We put new sheets on our bed before Robby went to wake up the kids. They didn't take too long to stir. Of course almost everyone had one last thing to squeeze in their bags. Reagan's bag is crammed full, and mine is just as packed. We both might have needed larger bags for this trip. She did just say that she had beads, a curling iron, a straightener...I just hope she has some clothes in that bag.

Almost pretty much the entire morning, Robby or I was giving instructions to Keaton and Campbell. The list went on and on-obey, be a help, don't fight, eat whatever, be kind, include everyone. The lists went on to include where things were in their bags, how to charge their devices, when to use them and on and on.

Finally, we were walking circles through the house unplugging things and looking for left things. The current count is one item left at home. We left in plenty of time to not only be early to church but to also be able to run by a Redbox for a movie or two. We made it to our turn off of Lawson, when Robby remembered that he didn't have his wallet. 

That is what caused us to all have to waltz in late. I had sent Keaton and Campbell in to see Nonna and Pops since they wouldn't come to their house to change clothes. Robby was off looking for Whitman's bag and Bible that we think we left at church last Wednesday night. He wasn't able to find it so if it was there, it will be long gone by the time that we return. At least it didn't have his new First Grade Bible in it. 

We all met up at the door to our section and had to wait until the crowd stood up. Even with the crowd standing up singing we were still pretty obvious sneaking to our seats. It is still better to be late to church than not there at all so no worries. Though I did giggle about us walking late throughout the service.

Everyone went to Sunday school before meeting back up in my class. After we followed the Crafts towards their cars to give the girls their bags...and that is when I realized that Whitman wasn't with us. We hadn't even left for the trip and had already left someone. He wasn't far behind though and we were soon all caught up.

The girls traveled today with the Crafts in the rig. They had to run home to grab their ride so they were about an hour behind us all day long. They have the phone so they have text us a few times. It does sound like they have had so much fun. I think that they will want to upgrade our van for a motor home. 

Once we left church, we ran to Nonna's house to change our clothes. It didn't take too long and the kids left with their hands full of cookies. They gobbled those up before we made it to Popeyes for lunch. The kids have been anxious to try their new chicken sandwiches. They didn't disappoint-they are thicker though and breaded differently. I didn't even eat all of mine. I would definitely get it again, but it is just as pricy, if not more than ChickFilA.

Reagan was the first one to have to stop and that was before West Memphis. Then we didn't really hear much from anyone else again for hours. We definitly have the quieter crew in our car. No one hardly even asked for snacks. We did stop two more times during our drive here.

The kids spent most of their time on their ipads while Robby and I listened to a podcast. We still have more to listen to tomorrow so I am anxious to get back in the car! There is also a book on tape that I want for the kids to finish up listening to. Hopefully we can get around to all of if though we just have about 5 more hours to drive tomorrow-maybe 6.

We had misty rain for a little bit of our drive-it was just that messy stuff. Soon though we were out of it, and really only had to slow down once for traffic. We were happy to be at the hotel at a decent time tonight evne though it is 11:30 here now. Everyone is still awake, but that is fine since we don't have to wake up too early tomorrow.

We stayed at this hotel last time that we were here so everyone quickly found spots for their bags and shoes. The beds are all made and soon the kids and us will be in them!

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