January 14, 2020

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  • This was a fairly low key day around here. It was pretty much like most days around here-school, chores, treadmill, basketball practice, late night organizing. I guess I should elaborate a little:
  • The morning started off fine-we did some more reading. Before our trip, I am trying to finish our Bible story book, but I know that I will never finish that silly history book. We are almost half way so that is good. This is level 4 so next year, we will go back to level 1 which will be wonderful because the lessons are so much shorter. Today we read just 2 pages of two chapters about the Civil War in our book.
  • The rest of school went well. Whitman had about 3 things left to do when I climbed on the treadmill. However, he was just beside himself because he wanted to help his sisters. Campbell and Keaton had poured out everything from their desks and cabinets in the floor of the school roon and were slowly cleaning it up. 
  • Those sweet sisters stopped what they were doing, made their lunches and helped Whitman finish his work so he could help them. I do believe that this task took at least a few hours to finish. They did a pretty great job. When I came home from my errands, I helped them finish just a few things. Now, later this week, I should do my desk because it is the worst looking one in the school room right now.
  • I had my regular blood pressure check today. My doctor seems to be a bit test happy still. My blood pressure was fine-actually the best that it is has been a long while. (Not as good as Robby's which is incredibly low.) I guess that treadmill walking helps a bit after all.
  • I ran to Walmart and Sams alone today to pick up a few things on my trip list plus a refill of meds for Anderson. Then it was back home for some packing-seriously, we might need a uhaul!
  • Robby took Keaton to basketball practice tonight. While he was gone, I vacuumed the rest of the house since he had done the other half earlier, plus I worked on some picture picking. Then they came home, and we started on supper.
  • Afterwards, Robby and I worked on the last pantry. We did pull out a bin of food for the trip so that did make the pantry seem emptier. Afterwards, I worked on some Legos with Anderson. He was working on rebuilding something and needed my help finding pieces. 
  • Then it was back downstiars to find Robby with a project of his own-going through all of the instruction manuals and booklets. We knocked that out and quickly sent the kids to bed!

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