January 6, 2020-Happy Birthday Tara!

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  • Robby and I did really good yesterday waking up early to walk on the treadmill. This morning we didn't do so hot. I will say that the last two nights I have slept not as well because we had our alarm set. I feel like I woke up hourly so I could mentally figure up how many hours we had left to sleep. 
  • This morning after Robby had his snooze twice, I did suggest that maybe we just walk this afternoon. I mean, it is my birthday after all, and we were able to do this since we didn't have anything to do this afternoon. 
  • I even decided to postpone the start of school until 8:30. I am sure that the kids were excited about this. I walked through waking everyone but Campbell and Graham up. They had jut woke up and were in a bit of a daze. 
  • Soon everyone was back in my bedroom, eating thier beakfast while I was doing our reading. I am sure that they weren't enjoying it as much as I was. After we did our reading, it was time for them to start on their school work. 
  • Everyone did their work pretty quickly today except for Anderson and Whitman. Bless Whitman. I have decided that spelling isn't his thing. I don't even know if he can really do it well because he just takes so long. So I have decided that we aren't rushing through our spelling book. It is a second grade book so we are still ahead, just not where his brothers and sisters were.
  • When school was over, I finally did my treadmill time. Then we celebrated my birthday with presents-vinyl, jeans, a defrosting tray, and sheets for our bed. (Robby and I are currently sleeping with a twin flat sheet on our bed.) Keaton and Campbell had "secretely" made brownies this morning so we had them for our celebration.
  • This afternoon went by fast and soon we were loading up for supper at ChickFilA. We loaded up on food (free) and even brought a few meals home. There were even milk shakes to share. The boys went to their Trail Life meeting afterwards while the girls ran to Starbucks to pick up a drink for Reagan. It was actually my free birthday drink, but I didn't want it after sucking down a milk shake. 
  • While the boys were gone, Campbell and Keaton used the boys' pocket knives to make sticks into guns and swords. This is something I would have never let Reagan do. We are just completely different parents now than we used to be. Also for example, tonight we heard Whitman in the kitchen. We didn't get up to check. So when Reagan walked through she shouted, "he has a handful of frosting." Whitman quickly replied, "I just have two fingers full." We still didn't get up and then listened to him run the water for about 10 minutes cleaning up his mess. This would have never happened years ago!

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