January 10, 2020

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  • Aww, our last day of school for the week. How wonderful it was. We read quite a few books and things were fairly smoothly for the most part. My people were pretty awake this morning when I went to wake everyone up-I was the one starting school 15 minutes later than I had planned. 
  • The kids zoomed through most of their school work. I do think that Fridays are my favorite day-and really why should they not be? If we have done school for 4 days, then we do not have spelling (except Whitman) so that does lighten the load a bit.
  • After we did our school work, well, everyone but Whitman, who was still working on his last page of math, we had a small project. Eariler this school year, Robby printed me out a logic book that I wanted to do with the kids. I have planned on doing it for weeks and months, but the first project has caused me to hesitate. 
  • Today, though we did it. Basically the book is about a stolen chocolate bar. The first activity is to determine which recipe for chocolate is the favorite. The kids loved this task. They worked together in groups to make 5 different tiny chocolate recipes. Robby walked in the kitchen at one point, looked around and walked right back out. It was a mess! 
  • However, everyone did help clean up though. My next activity was the treadmill. Robby had already done his so it was just me...until Campbell and Keaton joined me. They enjoy my Hallmark movies. However, when they started to talk, I had to make it very clear that there is no talking while on the treadmill!
  • The boys went to basketball practice tonight and then spent the night with Grannymom and Grandpa. The Wilsons, Robby and I went out to eat for my birthday. Then we went to Kroger and shopped till we dropped. We debated even getting a buggy but then completely filled it up. 
  • While we were gone, Reagan made pasta and mashed potatoes for supper. She said that she knew it didn't go together, but that is what she wanted. I told her that was fine with me. Then Campbell, Keaton and Whitman made mug cakes and wrote to me to tell me that they were amazing! 
  • I do think that it was a pretty good day for all of the Dennies. Now, we just have to wait for the weather to pass before we can get some sleep!

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