January 15, 2020

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  • My friends text this morning and when they did, I was soon jumping out of the bed. Not only did I have about 40 minutes to get myself ready, but I also still had to wake up everyone else. I have a suspicion that the kids do th to sleep in only on days when we have to leave the house.
  • We packed our lunch this morning with plans to go the park after Bible study. Some people pack a decent lunch (a peanut butter roll up with goldfish or crackers and peanut butter) and some people don't (a bag of goldfish or a granola bar.) 
  • We had to scurry around to get ourselves ready in time, pack those yummy lunches and empty the trashcans before we left the house. Reagan kind of watned to drive some of the way, but this weather is just nasty.
  • I dropped everyone off to their classes and then headed to Candice's car. She drive us to Bible study each week after dropping off the kids. And each week lately, we have been getting there a little bit late-that is fine with me because we have a few minutes to visit before class starts.
  • The kids were bummed after Bible study that we couldn't go to the park. I have two stores that I need to go to but didn't have what I needed so we headed home. I will say that I miss the visiting time with the girls, but I certainly enjoyed the extra time at home this afternoon.
  • After I ate my lunch, I helped Whitman work a puzzle and later in the day helped Campbell and Keaton with a 300 piece puzzle. Anderson and I worked on more Lego finding. I guess I am feeling pretty patient today with all of that tiny work happening.
  • I had time for the treadmill too along with pulling out Keaton's work for the trip. Now, I have not touched the now two clean loads of laundry in the floor of my room. I am pretending like it is not there. Hopefully, they will disappear before bedtime!

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