January 23, 2020

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  • Another school day around here. We started our work around the same time as usual and soon everyone was working on their own. We worked a bit ahead the other day so many folks finished earlier than usual today and some have even finished tomorrow's school.
  • Reagan is one that is finished for tomorrow. Her math is super easy right now-beginning geometery-so it didn't take her too long to knock out two days worth of school. Once she finished, we went through her books to figure out what we needed to take. Eight grade is no joke. Her condensed pile of books is about 12 inches tall. I knew this would be the case going in, but gracious if we are carting all of these books across state lines, then I am going to make sure that we use them. 
  • Speaking of school not at home, I also have to make my kids aware that there will be times when we do school in the evening or even at night. Some days we will just do one thing and not all of it, but I sure hope to accomplish quite a bit.
  • This afternoon I did run to church. I am going to help with the concessions during soccer so I was working on figuring all of that out. Then it was back home to pack up a few more folks. Andersosn and Graham are now all packed. They were super easy to pack-they laid out their stuff, I put it in and done in 20 minutes.
  • Tonight Campbell had basketball first. While she was practicing, Anderson and I looked for shoes. He tried a bazillion shoes on, but we could never find any that worked well. We had to zoom out of the store to pick up Campbell and drop the boys off for their practice.
  • Then Campbell and I went to Kirklands followed by picking up pizza for supper. And again, I had to zoom out of the pizza place to rush to pick up the boys. I was just a few minutes late each time, but no one seemed to mind.
  • The Wilsons were over tonight, but we still devoured our pizza while chatting away and munching on Shannon's cookies. When they headed home, the practice-ers had showers and then bedtime!

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