Florida February: March 1. 2020

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I have tried to think of a word to put in front of March since all of last month was Florida February. I thought about Mournful March or Melancholy March, but I will probably just stick to March! We have been a bit mournful and melancholy today. 

We had a blast in Florida-just having a few less responsibilities really made a difference. Of course some of those responsibilities we did miss a little. I will be glad to get back to a normal school schedule. I am also planning on getting rid of a few things (500 to be exact) in this house. I figure if we have less things, then we will also have less responsibilities in taking care of those things.

Anyway, I am rambling because I am a bit tired. We had set our alarms for 4:30. Robby though never really sleeps well when we have to wake up early. He was in the shower before the alarms sounded. We needed every bit of that time because it was 5:15 when we pulled out of the house.

The kids all woke up well. Most of them already had clothes in the car so they just pottied and brushed their teeth before getting in the car. Robby loaded the car while I took sheets off the bed and looked in every single drawer and cabinet one more time. 

We knew pretty early in the drive that Whitman felt bad. Last night he acted a bit pitiful leaving the park-I even carried him some. He told me that he had a headache. By the first rest stop this morning, he was able to tell me that it was his ear that was hurting. He just stared out the window or tried to sleep for most of the drive. He played on his ipad some, but not that much. 

We did stop once to get the ear ache drops out of the bag. I had used all of my tylenol so I didn't have any of that to give him until we picked up some on the way home tonight. You know he is sick when he eats one bite of mac and cheese, one bit of hamburger, and one lemonhead all day long. We were finally able to get him to drink a bit this evening. And yes, the alarm is set for first thing in the morning to call and get him a doctor's appointment. We haven't yet decided if I am going to get Campbell an appointment too-her cough sounds like she has smoked for 20 years.

We stopped a few times for the bathroom and gas. Once Anderson had to wait forever for a stall and once the women's bathroom line was crazy long. Lunch was KFC which was fun. We never really eat there so we certainly enjoyed that. Though it is a bit difficult eating mashed potatoes and gravy in the car-it is even more difficult to pass it out to everyone!

We probably could have made it home before eating, but we still drove through McDonalds for hamburgers for our supper. Once we made it home, the kids were great about unpacking. Of course some worked more than others, but they all did pull their weight.

Everyone had showers while I continued to unpack. I believe that I have about 3 or 4 bins left to unpack plus my bag. That isn't too bad. Of course, we have one load of laundry dry, one in the dryer and I should put one in the wash, but don't think I can stay awake that long!

The kids will do some school tomorrow, but they are all excited about putting their pins up. I will say that the kids have enjoyed trading pins so much on this trip-they might even have to get some in the Easter baskets. And our usual "Trip by the Numbers" post will happen tomorrow night. (I made a list today of things to put, but I am afraid that it got thrown away tonight during car clean out! Eeek!)

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