July 10, 2020

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  • I awoke to someone knocking on our front door this morning. Robby got the door so I didn't have to get out of bed. However, soon there was a loud drilling sound right outside so that did cause me to stumble out of bed. 
  • The termite people were here giving the house a booster treatment that somehow involved drilling into concrete. I do think that we are safe from termites for a while-hopefully, all of those chemicals that they used also helps with my ant problem in the kitchen. 
  • I have actually thought about trying to relocate the termites from the garage to the kitchen. They have to replace what is eaten plus the kitchen cabinets would be a breeze for them to chew from. Unfortunately, I do believe that the termites in the garage are no longer alive! (I am only kidding!)
  • Now what we did toy with doing today was renting a carpet cleaner for the carpets or just ripping up the carpet. We decided that ripping out the carpets would be irresponsible even though that is what we really wanted to do. 
  • I worked with Whitman today on his spelling-2 and a half more lessons. I read with Anderson. I did Kahn math with pretty much everyone-including Reagan at 9 tonight while I was eating my supper. 
  • Since there is so much schooling happening this supper, I did decide that I could take it easy today. The only thing productive that I did was sweep the kitchen floor and help Robby hang Anderson's Pez dispenser shelves. 
  • Graham made brownies this afternoon, and would you believe that my silly kids ate every last one. Robby and I did get some, but when I went back for more, the pan was completely empty. I guess we had a hungry bunch.
  • At 6, we went to the pool for the evening. It was a little bit warm but was still pretty perfect. The kids all enjoyed swimming. On the way home, we did pick up supper for everyone-Chickfila for most and Mexican for Robby, Keaton and me. 
  • We ate and let the kids stay up for a few minutes past ten, but then it was bedtime for the crew. We will eventually have to reign in this staying up late-but I guess it won't be tonight!

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