July 4, 2020-Happy Independence Day!

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  • I woke up a little bit confused this morning because I had slept so late. After I did stir, I found Robby and asked why he didn't wake me up. He said it was because he had just woken up a few minutes earlier. Only Graham was awake so the kids must have been tired. Last night it was after 11 when they went to bed...
  • Tonight we were out in the backyard measuring with Campbell, Graham, and Keaton at midnight. So it was a bit after that when they finally did get in bed so I am sure that they will be exhausted tomorrow when it is time to wake up. There is no sleeping in tomorrow since it is church day.
  • First things first-there were dishes and laundry. Then I did paint the back door. I probably should have rolled it and not brushed it, and I probably should have used a matching color and not just bright white. However, I probably like the door a lot better even with brush marks and the wrong trim color since it is nice and newly painted.
  • Robby ran some errands this morning. When he did get home, we started to town on the gaga ball pit. I tell you, we were thinking that we might could build half of the sides today and tonight-we built all of those sides! That might be the reason I am just typing the blog at nearly midnight though.
  • Surprisingly, the sides came together fairly quickly. Hopefully, the actual assembly will come together very well tomorrow. Also hopefully, the rain won't mess up our building plans. We didn't have all of our materials so Robby took Campbell and Graham with him to the store. 
  • While he was gone, Keaton made chocolate chip oatmeal cookies for tonight. When they returned, we went to town building! I did have to run in the house occasionally-crimp Reagan's hair, make a batch of mac and cheese, crimp Campbell's hair, make another batch of mac and cheese. And by the way, the mac and cheese recipe was delicious! At least my people thought so-it will be my new go to dish.
  • We were scrambling to get all of ourselves ready for the Wilson's party tonight. We arrived and my kids took off playing volleyball. Graham had made s'mores dip, but still had to heat it up. He went in the house to heat it up with me, but quickly asked if he could go out and play.
  • We all sat outside and ate lots of yummy food. The kids all played and gracious, there were a lot of big kids. Whitman must have thought that he was a big kid himself, because he had a great time talking to and playing with the big kids. 
  • There were sparklers for the kids to shoot off which was a hit. Keaton was a bit skittish with them, but she eventually did try them and enjoyed them. After it was dark, Tony and some other guys had a massive firework display. Robby said that it lasted 45 minutes. It was pretty impressive. 
  • It was late when it was over so the party broke up. We helped pick up soon before heading home ourselves. At home, we unloaded our car. Then we tried out our new shade tent for church. We made sure that we could figure it out in the morning if we have to (rain chance.) 
  • Then there was a few more boards to screw in for the gaga pit. Robby was surprised when I told him that it was midnight while we were measuring exactly where we are going to put it. We then herded the kids inside and to their beds. Right now they are still going strong- I guess the longer you stay up, the more awake you are!

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