July 25, 2020

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  • The original plan this morning was for me to bake the cupcakes while Robby took the kids to swim practice and ran to the grocery store. Graham heard about the plan but wasn't crazy about it at all. He wanted to help with the cupcakes so when they left, I went to work cleaning.
  • I had the downstairs sparkling clean when they swimmers came home. Unfortunately, that clean house isn't so clean anymore since we lived and lived well today.
  • We unloaded the groceries, and then Graham, Campbell, Keaton and me helped Robby trim a few limbs. As I was holding the ladder, Graham told me that he didn't like Robby up that high. I sure don't either! He survived, and we soon had the branches cleaned up.
  • Then there was one light bulb to change way up high! Once the ladder was put away, Graham and I headed inside to work on those cupcakes.
  • It didn't take too long, and as he baked, I browned some meat. Wes came over to help Robby with some motor home things, since they were busy I ran to Nonna's house for a minute with Keaton, Graham, and Whitman.
  • We ate our weight in cookies and nuts while there, but we also delivered some flowers to Nonna since today is actually their 50th wedding anniversary. Back at home, Michael was at the house. Whitman and he played so well together today-they played inside and outside and ate popsicle after popsicle!
  • Alyssa was over too so Reagan and her made scones at one point. Another time, they decided that they wanted to skate board so Noah and Lily came over to play some. It was a full house!
  • For supper Robby ran to pick up pizza. Then the kids played for a bit longer before I took the Kamps home.
  • Then as the kids took their showers, Robby and I cleaned the motor home. It was already pretty clean, but it is super clean now! And now that means that I can start putting things in it!

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