July 23, 2020

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  • Some mornings seem like they happen so long ago that it is hard to remember what actually happened. I had to look back at yesterday's blog to job my memory about what all happened today.
  • This morning was Reagan's turn at UAMS for the beginning of her study. The lady did not read my the 9 pages of forms like she did yesterday, and only read Reagan her forms. It wasn't too bad though because we were back in the car after just an hour and a half.
  • On the way home, we dropped off some clothes at Immanuel for a clothing drive. I do just love to clean out-I always try to get rid of as much as I bring home. I guess I might have a lot of emptying out to do in the near future.
  • When I came home, I went to work with Whitman. We are on his last lesson in spelling and will finish next week. Unfortunately, I think that the week after next we will start school back-I really don't want to though since I am enjoying this summer thing!
  • Graham and I hunted and hunted for a specific Lego this morning. We could never find that sucker so that is incredibly frustrating to me. Anderson and I worked on sorting some baseball cards-the baseball cards are about 30 years old since they were mine-and they still aren't worth anything!
  • I was supposed to head to the pregnancy center today, but they had plenty of help this afternoon so instead Keaton, Graham and I went to the store to buy the groceries for the big party coming up on Sunday. 
  • And the last event this evening was celebrating Nonna and Pop's 50th wedding anniversary tonight. We all ate out at Saltgrass. It was all delicious, and the kids so enjoyed getting to pick whatever they wanted off of the menu. 
  • Graham delighted in ordering ribs while Reagan had shrimp. Those two always want to try something different-not the ribs and shrimp are different, but they are for me! After eating, we came home stuffed to the brim! Robby and I are not used to eating such rich food!
  • We stayed up a bit too late tonight-I napped while the girls were wrapped up in a tv show and Anderson created a massive fort with army men surrounding it ready to defend it. When it was finally time for bed, my crew wasn't as tired as I had hoped because there are still footsteps stomping around above my head.

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