July 11, 2020

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  • Oh my alarm went off way too early this morning-actually, it went off so early that I don't even remember hitting snooze. It was a few minutes later that Robby punched me and asked if I was awake. I jumped up like I was but could have slept soundly for another few hours.
  • We hadn't had swim team in a few days because of the closed pool, so it was difficult to wake everyone up for the pool this morning. Whitman, who I had carried downstairs, just laid with Robby trying not to get up at all!
  • Swim team went well today. Whitman's little group so continues to improve. At the beginning of the summer, you would kind of hold your breath while the kids swam to the end. Now they are all doing the back stroke across the pool. 
  • Keaton, Campbell and Graham just are really doing great swimming. They are all fast and really enjoy it. Campbell and Graham enjoy competing against each other. Campbell did beat Graham today but a few tenths of a second in their backstroke.
  • When we finished swim team, we had to mask up to run to Kroger. Whitman and Keaton have something at church on Monday night. They are to bring food for the other kids to pass out later in the week. They loved picking out the food and practically filling the buggy (though quite a bit of the food was for our family too). However, those two did not love wearing their masks.
  • While we were gone, Robby had done the laundry and dishes for me. I did clean the front of the old little shed with bleach this morning. It is amazing what some bleach can do to things. It makes me want to clean everything in my house with bleach-wonder if it would work on my carpets! (kidding, I know better!) 
  • Afterwards, I had a shower and washed my hair. There are few reasons to wash my hair these days-I used to just wash it for church on Sundays and Bible study on Wednesdays. Now, church is outside, and we just sweat and there isn't Bible study so I didn't remember when I had washed my hair last! Don't worry though, I still do shower regularly.
  • Soon I loaded up with Reagan, Graham, Campbell and Keaton to go to Laynie's birthday. Reagan was going to keep Camryn company during the party, and Graham was going to keep my company during my running around (and his exact words were "to get out of the house.")
  • Our first stop was Target to buy a birthday gift for Laynie. That would have all been easier if I hadn't left my wallet at home! Ugh! I was able to use money on my target app though.
  • Then Campbell and Keaton had money to spend at 5 Below so we did that quickly. Oh, yes, Reagan did drive us all the way there. She did really well-she drove a bit slow on Sparks and Springhill but I will certainly take that. No one was behind her so it was all just fine. Though that did cause us to have less time shopping-which was actually fine with me.
  • Graham and I dropped off the girls. Then we had planned to go to Academy to look at bikes. We have a coupon, but couldn't buy anything without my wallet so we just went to window shop. It didn't take long to window shop since there were only 4 bikes there. 
  • Afterwards, we did run to Sonic-it is nice being able to pay with those apps. So even wallet-less, we had our Sonic drinks in hand when we returned to Laynie's house. The girls were eating ice cream sandwich when we arrived so we had some. 
  • Before I knew it though, Graham had joined all of the girls in the pool. He had a great time, but bless he has poison ivy on his arm. The other day he woke up with it, and we thought that a mosquito had found him in the night. However, it must have been poison ivy because it is now on both arms, on the back of his neck and even on his back.
  • I have mentioned that he might need a shot so he is a bit worried about that. He even found a concoction on the computer of hydrocortisone, calamine and alcohol that is said to be the best poison ivy cure. We made up a recipe tonight and smeared it all over the boy.
  • On the way home from Laynie's party, we ran by Shannon's house to start up the chocolate fountain. It took a few minutes to melt the chocolate but as soon as the fountain was going, we all ran home to change since swim suits were not the proper attire.
  • We all changed and were back over for Layne's graduation party after a few minutes. I did answer a few questions and earn 2 continuing ed hours real quick. Shannon had a ton of delicious food that we munched on all evening long. The kids went to town on the strawberries and the chocolate fountain. Whitman has decided that he wants to use the chocolate fountain for his birthday party too!
  • We stayed for the whole party, we didn't want to miss anything!...or any of the food. We did sneak out well after the party had ended, but their party just kept going! It was a fun evening, and we all came home super tired-or at least I was!

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