July 9, 2020

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  • Since we were meeting everyone to swim at 10, I had to wake all of the Dennie kiddos up this morning-evening Graham. I guess this summer schedule has finally caught up with even him.
  • They were moving slow and a bit fussy as we loaded the car to swim. When the Craft little boy heard that he was going swimming, he said "Graham." Graham was super pleased to hear this. 
  • The pool was supposed to be without the fountains today since today was the first day back after the pump problems. We were super looking forward to it since it would nice and quiet. However, after we had been there about an hour, those fountains came back on. Ugh! I was enjoying the quieter than normal pool.
  • Ten is really the perfect time to go to the pool. We were home in time to enjoy the rest of our day. I certainly enjoyed today's tomato sandwich-not from my garden though. I am just not sure our garden is going to do anything. The plants are growing, but that is about it. We will still try one more year, but maybe I just don't have a green thumb.
  • While Robby was gone today, there was some thunder and rain. At one point, the thunder was so loud that my room was soon filled with 3 more kids. I had been sitting with Whitman working on math-I saw the lightening so I wasn't startled but Graham, Campbell and Keaton sure were.
  • Late this afternoon, I went to Shannon's house to help her with her party prep. She asked if Anderson and Graham wanted to come over to play with Brett. So when I was getting ready, I said that "the boys" were going to come, and Whitman said "ok" and got on his shoes. He was more than ready to go and play with Brett.
  • They all played pretty hard while Shannon and I worked pretty hard. Robby brought over pizza for everyone. After we all ate, we finished up a few more things then it was time for home and showers for everyone.  

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