July 5, 2020

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  • I wasn't sure this morning that we could get everything accomplished today, but we certainly managed to accomplish it all. After staying up until 2ish last night, Robby and I were a bit slow to get out of bed this morning.
  • I was pretty sure that we would not have church this morning because of the rain which the weather apps said was coming. Thankfully, the rain never came so we were able to go to the church fields and have church there.
  • We have a new tent (larger than all of our friends-ha!) which we set up to block the sun. It certainly did help with the sun today-I was even able to listen to the sermon. We did have a row of tents in our little section. I will miss our outdoor church when it is over.
  • After church, we headed to Grannmymom's house for lunch. She had taco salad for us along with banana pudding. It all was delicious. When we were done eating, Robby worked on their phones, while the kids helped do some painting for one of Grannymom's Christmas gift projects.
  • Reagan stayed there when we left. Grannymom then took Reagan to meet a few friends at the skating rink. They roller skated and ice skated and had a pretty good time. There is one picture of Reagan's two friends and two hands sticking up-Reagan explained to me that is from when she had fallen and was on the ground!
  • Back at the house, everyone else was in the backyard working on the gaga pit. The boys and Robby loaded the sides into Robby's car and drove it to the gaga spot. We set out the pieces and that thing came together within two hours. 
  • Robby finished screwing in the screws while the kids took turns sanding the edges. I did some raking, but soon I had to leave to take Anderson to church for his grade to work on their lip syncing. I took him to church, dropped him off and then just sat in my car.
  • There was no time to go home so I just sat. I played on my phone for a bit and even closed my eyes. Before I knew it, there was just about 20 minutes left before Anderson was finished, and I hadn't even played any games. Hmm, I think that I snoozed pretty well in that car!
  • Meanwhile, Robby was busy mowing at home while the other kids stepped up inside and outside. They sanded more on the gaga pit, made brownies, made lemonade, got the kitchen ready, wiped off tables. I really should leave the house more often!
  • Soon, I was back home and by the time that I heated up the cheese dip, the party was starting. The Heltz, Fergusons, Stotts and Crafts all came over for hot dogs and gaga ball. The kids all had a blast playing in the gaga pit. If we don't ever play in it again, I can say that we got our money's worth tonight.
  • I think that everyone had a great time. When the party was over, we quickly cleaned up outside and inside. Whitman even cleaned the front yard-he knew that the sooner we clean, the sooner he could watch his ipad so he was a cleaning machine. It didn't take long for things to be back in order and people in bed. 
  • Tomorrow is birthday party so it will be another busy day around here!

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