July 28, 2020

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  • Another day of Camp Geyer for the Dennie crew. Laynie spent the night here last night so I thought that I would have a hard time waking those girls up, but they woke up fairly easily. 
  • I dropped everyone off at church this morning, and they were all wearing matching t-shirts. I hate that I didn't get a picture because I am sure that will not happen again for a long time.
  • I ran home and did some more camper work while the kids were gone. It is rare that I am home alone without any kids. I was able to mark a few more things off of my list-but the list just keeps growing!
  • Soon I was heading back to church to pick everyone up. They all had a good time, but who doesn't have a good time when you get a popsicle when you leave. We went to the library to pick up some books. The lady was passing out lunches so my crew grabbed some. Well, Campbell and Keaton grabbed some for everyone.
  • I ran to get my hair cut this afternoon so I wasn't around too long, but when I did return home, I helped Robby some. Then it was time for the Wilson's to come over for supper. Also Reagan had a few friends come over as well-Alyssa and Kennedy who didn't spend the night and Presley and Kaleigh who did spend the night. 
  • Brett also ended up spending the night tonight. I guess our crew is just turning into teenagers. After playing outside most of the evening long, they sat on the back patio talking until we finally made them come in at 11:30. 
  • This was also the time that we put Whitman, Keaton and Campbell to bed. I am sure that swim team time will come awfully early for that crew!

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