July 14, 2020

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  • Surprisingly, we all slept well last night. Well, I am not sure how much sleep Keaton and her little friends or Reagan and Alyssa got, but I did know that they were quiet and I slept well. Actually, I do think that Graham's medicine caused him to be a wake a little bit too last night. And down the road, Campbell was busy staying up super late at her sleep over.
  • I had to squeeze in working with Whitman this morning because he could not stay away from the girls. He did perler beads with them, he went on a walk with them, he played cards with them-it took the whole morning to grab him long enough to finish his spelling and reading.
  • Campbell spent most of her day at the Little Rock Family Care Home. They brought supplies and cleaned all day long. They did stop for a lunch break-I think that she had a great time. 
  • I picked her and Anna up and headed to the pool with my van load of kids. We met all the other moms there and swam for our two hours. It was hot enough today that I had to get in the water for a little bit.
  • Once at home, Robby was mowing the yard so the rest of us went about cleaning the house. I did get the kids to work for nearly an hour-it did help that I fed them coke floats from Arbys on the way home from the pool. It also helped that I had bags full of sliders from Arbys ready to go for our supper too.
  • The house was spotless and the yard was looking good when we all ate supper. The neighbors did come out later in the evening, so it was nearly 9 when everyone had their ice cream dessert! Then it was soon time for bed...and ice cream for me.

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