July 31, 2020

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  • I do believe that Graham and Whitman were the first ones up this morning. Whitman did come in to my room and ask for me to make him a "surprise breakfast." I am probably not too good at surprise breakfasts at the crack of dawn (it wasn't really the crack of dawn, but close-on the west coast.) 
  • I did manage to throw together a decently fun breakfast before waking completely up and starting on my morning chores. When I reminded Whitman that we didn't have to do spelling today, he asked if we were still going to read. I hadn't intended to, but we certainly did.
  • It was after noon sometime when I left with Graham and Keaton. Graham wanted to spend some birthday money while Keaton was just along for the ride. We went to 4 different stores including some major grocery shopping so Keaton wasn't too certain about her choice to come when we finally did get home.
  • Graham found the perfect choice for his birthday money-a salt gun. He has had fun with it all afternoon and evening long. I had assumed that when he shot a fly it would just fall over dead-I wasn't expecting for the salt to shoot the fly a good few feet each time. So it certainly does have a nasty factor to it-which probably makes him love it even more.
  • After unloading all of the groceries, Robby, Graham, Campbell, Keaton and I ran to the camper to put a few things in it. Then we did run to the best Dollar Tree in the city to pick up a few things. Seriously, when we go out in the camper for a few nights, we really could stay gone for weeks because we will have that thing loaded down!
  • Tonight we had supper at the Wilson's house. They had plenty of breakfast items to choose from. Breakfast is one of my favorite meals! We did stay for a while over there-the kids enjoyed playing (well, they were also very noisy while playing) and the adults enjoyed talking as always!

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