July 26, 2020-Happy 12th Birthday (party) Graham!

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  • Before 8:30 this morning, Robby had gotten a few bags of ice, taken my library books back to the library, and started on mowing the yard. I was up soon afterwards and had my shower and woke up the crew to start cleaning the house at 9. 
  • The kids knocked out the cleaning, and they all had plenty of free time before church started. There was some slight excitement finding church clothes for the boys. Anderson couldn't fit into his khaki shorts. The last time he wore them was one Sunday in March before the Rona happened. 
  • At the same time, Graham was rolling in the floor trying to pull up his shorts. I told Anderson to take his off and pass them to Graham. That left Anderson wearing a non church shirt and non church shorts. Graham was able to find a church shirt and church shorts. 
  • I had told Whitman what specifically I wanted him to put on. He only remembered the church shorts part of my directions and had a on a tshirt. I figured that he was in between Anderson and Graham was just fine. 
  • Soon it was time to go back to church-real church-in the building church. This was only our 5th week inside of Geyer this year (now, we did go 5 times in Orlando, quite a few online Sundays and a few outside Sundays), but it was good being back home. 
  • The mask thing is weird, but not as weird and the seating arrangements. We arrived right on time so there weren't many seats left. We did find a spot on the back row of the balcony. I usually don't like the balcony, but it was so good to be in the building that I would have set on the floor if they would have asked. I have certainly missed church and still miss normal church!
  • We ate lunch at Nonna and Pops's house. They had a Mexican feast-complete with a watermelon basket. Pops had made one for Graham because he has been asking about it. That worked out perfectly because he also had a birthday cake to go along with it. 
  • The watermelon basket was absolutely huge. I was at their house the other day, and they had a cantaloupe larger than anything I had ever seen before.  The basket was so fun, and Pops sent it home with us for everyone at Graham's party to enjoy too.
  • We didn't stick around too long because it was soon time to head home to start working on the party. Once we made it home, we all went to work outside. There were chairs to be set out, sticks to be picked up and the tent to be set up. Everyone helped-I will say that my kids can be slackers quite often, but sometimes they pitch in and work hard, and today was certainly one of those days-this morning with chores, this afternoon with party prep and tonight for party clean up.
  • Once that was done, Graham and I worked on making pinwheels for the party-I made about 200 too many! Ha! I made a ton and folks didn't eat as many as I thought that they would. Then we had just a few minutes for a Sunday afternoon nap-of course there were other things that I should have done, but a nap is a must for a Sunday.
  • I sneaked off to the camper to join Robby who was already there. Campbell and Keaton came in for a little bit. I had a good little nap and could have only slept better with a blanket and pillow. Well, I probably still would have been sleeping if I had a blanket and pillow.
  • Soon though it was party time and things got busy. We had almost 50 folks there tonight so it was a full yard. The kids all played outside the entire time. There were games of gaga ball where prizes were handed out (Anderson and Graham were two of the winners). There was guess the number of skittles, and another Dennie won that as well-Campbell.
  • Graham was the big winner though tonight with lots of friends and family there to celebrate his birthday. We had tacos for supper along with vanilla cupcakes for dessert. He opened a ton of presents, but I think that his favorite are his socks and his weighted blanket. We have all actually tried out the blanket-I may need me one!
  • Everyone stayed a while which was wonderful. Then it was pick up time-the kids went to work. Especially Anderson this time. He had the tractor and was filling it up with chairs before the last car left. My people can work! (Sometimes!) 
  • Outside was quick to clean up and so was inside. Pops and Shannon put away all of the food so the inside wasn't messy at all. The kids had their showers while Graham laid out all of presents. Then it was finally bedtime for all of us! It was certainly a great day!

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