July 8, 2020

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  • This morning some folks came and put basically a window tinting on the boys' bedroom windows. I was worried that it would be too dark in there afterwards, but I can't really even tell a difference. The boys say that it is a bit darker, but that is the goal-hopefully, their room will not get as hot during the hot, summer days.
  • Whitman and I did his spelling this morning. I am not sure if I wrote about our spelling the other day-I would give him a sentence to write, and then he would have to wake me up when he had finished it. That day I was so exhausted and since he isn't too speedy, I had a good little nap or a few good little naps during his sentences.
  • My girls slept just about all morning long. I was working on Legos with Anderson when Keaton woke up. And a bit later around 11:15, I had to wake up Campbell and Reagan. I guess they were pretty tired. 
  • We did our work together right before lunch. We have been slacking in our working together this summer-we are trying to finish up a few books plus reading the daily chapter of the Bible along with the church though we are now super behind, but we will eventually catch up.
  • I spent some time outside sitting with Robby by the new shed today. He sits there to do his work now so I joined him. It is mostly quiet outside. I even brought out my lunch-a tomato sandwich-which was delicious.
  • There were a few rounds of gaga ball today. Since I was outside, I ended up playing at least two different times out there. I am not the best, but I am also not the worst! I did win one time out of the probably 20 games that I played today.
  • The church brought by their meal tonight. Reagan and Anderson's church tonight was cancelled, so they were a bit bummed. Pizza was for supper so that did make up for missing church some-ha, not really! 
  • After supper, Reagan drove Robby to Bass Pro to pick up straws for her water bottle. Then later in the evening, most of us headed to the Ferguson's house. It didn't take long for them to set up their gaga pit. They are getting ready for their boys' birthday party this weekend-and the gaga pit will be super exciting.
  • It was late when we came home, but the kids showered plus their was even some tv watching before everyone went to bed. Robby and I had ice cream tonight and even this afternoon-it was a good ice cream day!

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