July 21, 2020

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  • My alarm did ring this morning, though I am not sure at all why I turned it on! Graham, Campbell, Keaton and Whitman did have a thing at church this morning at 10, but I had plenty of time this morning,
  • Whitman and I worked on his spelling before it was time to leave. We then picked up a few extra kiddos on the way. We actually left early because I had heard that there was a food bank passing out food nearby which had shut down most of the ways to church. 
  • However, today there was no traffic. We arrived to church super early, so I drove as slow as I could in the parking lot. The kids were to bring masks so I told all of mine to put them in their pockets and to wear them if asked or if other kids were. 
  • The kids reported back that none of the kids wore masks except for one-Whitman! Bless it! He wore his mask the entire time today. I am not sure why, but he was sure proud of himself when I asked him about it today.
  • I ran a few errands while the kids were at church, and then picked everyone up. At home, we had about 15 minutes before we turned around and left again. This time I took those same 4 to the pool. Reagan and Anderson stayed at home but were left with a list of things to do to help out around the house.
  • The pool was super hot-hot enough that I had to get in during each swim time. Robby did show up with popsicles for everyone. There were so few people at the pool that we actually did give popsicles to everyone there. That was super fun.
  • When we came home, I quickly showered and headed back out for a meeting for Reagan's co-op and then dinner out with my CBS group. It was a super fun evening out for me. 
  • The kids and Robby had fettuccine alfredo for supper tonight. Robby said that it was a hit and everyone enjoyed it. I came home right at bedtime so I was able to tuck the kids in before grabbing my ice cream for the evening!

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