July 17, 2020

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  • Robby and I didn't sleep in too much today. We did lay around for a little bit before packing up from our little trip. We did make it last as long as possibly by eating Mexican in Morrilton on the way home. We even stopped and looked at an RV as we drove through Conway.
  • We were home around 2ish-I think. I had thought that the kids would be waiting for us since I knew that at least Graham was tracking us. The house was quiet and perfectly picked up when we came home.
  • The kids told us all about their day, and we caught them up on our day. I do think that they had a blast staying with Grannymom and Grandpa. Whitman would probably be happy if we left again in the near future!
  • I unpacked a bit this afternoon while Campbell and Keaton worked on making bracelets. Reagan has been making bracelets left and right, and those two so want to be like their big sister.
  • It wasn't too long before we loaded up to go to the McGuire's house for supper. Todd grill hamburgers and chicken. It was all delicious, and the kids so enjoyed playing in the pool all evening long. They all just get along really well. 
  • Camryn, I think, had made dessert for us-a chocolate sheet cake which was delicious. My kids kept sneaking back in the house to grab another bite of it. I am pretty sure that we almost ate the entire cake-and it was huge!
  • After we played for a long while, we did head home. Only some folks took showers, and the rest will have swim team early in the morning!

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