July 18, 2020

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  • Robby offered this morning to take the swimmers to swim team, and I certainly let him! I didn't argue at all with that suggestion. Graham was the only one awake-his ear is bothering him. Ugh! He hasn't had a cold, so I do assume that it is swimmer's ear. I had a few different drops-Tony later told me that one wouldn't help, so hopefully the other few that I found will help at least until Monday.
  • The swimmers all had fun at practice. Robby said that they swam the whole time. Campbell counted that they did 40 laps-that isn't too bad. No wonder Graham came home and took a nap (he really didn't feel good.)
  • Around noon, I left the house with Reagan and Graham. We headed to Hobby Lobby to buy a few tshirts for tomorrow. The lines were so crazy to check out that the kids gladly walked around with me for a little bit.
  • As we left, they looked longingly towards to Dollar Tree and asked to go there. We did with a quick run to Academy first. Reagan found what she needed so quickly that Graham asked if we were sure we were done.
  • At Dollar Tree, they didn't take too long either. Reagan grabbed some chicken pot pies, and Graham chose twinkies! We came home after our shopping, but Robby and Campbell were gone.
  • They had worked on cleaning out the white van. Then they did stop at Kroger and of course Sonic. So all of the people that left the house today were treated with something-chicken pot pies to Sonic drinks.
  • The afternoon was fairly slow. Graham did make mac and cheese while I was making a snack for tomorrow. I had plans on making one more thing but didn't get around to it. After we had our supper, the Wilsons came over for a bit.
  • The kids played outside for a good while, and when they came in they were ready for some ice cream. Once they cleared out of the kitchen, the adults went in for our snack! Shannon had pecan pie which was delicious. Then I topped it off with a bit of ice cream! 
  • Right now I am trying to figure our curriculum for next year for Reagan-I might should just stop now and get some ice cream-that would make me happy!

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