July 24, 2020

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  • I knew this morning that I needed to go ahead and start working on my list since today would be a busy day. I was correct.
  • Before 9, I had worked with Whitman, folded laundry, emptied the dishwasher and browned 5 pounds of hamburger meat. I am usually not this productive that early in the morning.
  • A bit after 10, we left for Lake Maumelle. It has only been a week since Robby just looked at a camper. He has wanted one for years and not too very long ago he took it off of his bulletin board in his office.
  • Well things just seemed to all fall into place this week and before we knew it we were buying a motor home. Wes was gracious enough to meet us to inspect it-and inspect it he did. They spent an hour and a half crawling, poking and investigating the camper. All I knew was that it looked pretty!
  • There was even a test drive which included Robby's first time to drive something that long-33 feet. Afterwards, we went to the bank to close the deal, but it still took a while for us to get the new baby home. 
  • Graham had been gone all day long at a friend's house. He was a bit bummed about missing out on the excitement of the day, but he would have been beside himself waiting on us to get home since it did take so long.
  • Campbell and Keaton did plenty of texting to me while waiting. They had me facetime them as I walked through the rig. Those three were so, so excited-Campbell and Keaton were even waiting outside when we did arrive home. 
  • I had to leave the excitement to pick up Graham. They swam and ate at Popeye's for lunch along with some xbox playing. He had a great time. We then ran to Walmart to pick up a few things.
  • I bought some cleaners, some shelf liner, some silverware and then there was one something special...they had rv cakes for sale just right there in the middle of the store by the cookies. What could be more perfect? Graham and I were super excited about the cake-it was just all meant to be.
  • Soon we were home and loaded up the rv for a trip to the gas station. Then Grannymom and Grandpa came over for a bit to see the rig. Grandpa helped Robby cut some branches off of low trees. Then Nonna and Pops came over followed by the Heltz and the Crafts. I tell you, our people were all just as excited for us as we were!
  • We spent the rest of the evening talking about or measuring in the motor home. Hopefully, I can talk Robby into a trip next week! Shh, don't tell him that yet!

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