July 1, 2020

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  • After laundry and dishes this morning, I started spelling with Whitman. I guess that he had taken his focusing medicine this morning because he was writing his sentences quickly. Some days he just surprises me. (He doesn't take any meds to focus-he probably could use them though!)
  • The morning was kind of slow. I did try to work on filling the holes on my door. I sanded what I had puttied the other day. The more I sanded the more dust was everywhere. I eventually sanded too much and knocked off some of the putty. So that means it all will need another day to dry before I paint! 
  • Reagan and her buddies slept in pretty late this morning. Alyssa did have to go home, but Kennedy stayed the rest of the day with us. Other than our trip to the pool, we pretty much never saw them. They did make lunch at 4-quesadillas. Kennedy thought it was silly to use a quesadilla maker like Reagan suggested. And Reagan thought it was ridiculous to make them on the stove.
  • We did go to the pool at noon. The pump is broken at the pool so we can only stay for 90 minutes and the capacity is down to 50. We still stayed for 2 hours though-shhh! There was no one waiting. The kids had fun swimming and hanging out with the Ferguson boys.
  • After swimming, we had some down time at home. So it seems like we went through some really busy days around here working on projects constantly. Now, things have slowed to where the only things on the lists aren't that much fun to do. I did a few of those non fun things like the potties and restocking my paper plate cabinet. But I also found time for a nap!
  • Campbell, Keaton and I dropped off Anderson, Kennedy and Reagan at Raymar again tonight. They had their youth thing there. They cooked out and played. While they were there, the girls and I ran to Walmart. Bless while we were there, a mother lost her child and was constantly screaming the child's name. It was unnerving, but my Campbell was beside herself with worry. Her sweet tender heart was breaking. I do think they eventually found the child, but ugh!
  • We picked up the big kids and headed home. Graham and Whitman had eaten the church meal tonight-mini corn dogs. They had eaten their fill. My Graham was anxious for the rest of us to come back home-he was getting lonely.
  • Back at home, there were showers and snacks and eventually bed!-Well, there will be eventually bed. Right now, we are still showering and snacking.

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