July 19, 2020

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  • It was a sunny Sunday morning. I was quite surprised that we all slept last night. Graham's ear bothered him quite a bit yesterday, so I just assumed that it would keep him up. He did sleep well though so all was good. He did act like his ear was some better today, but tomorrow will be the second Monday in a row that he gets to visit the doctor.
  • Today was our last morning at Raymar for church so we celebrated with doughnuts-two weeks in a row! We weren't really celebrating today since we love church outside and will really miss it. Next week we will get to go back into the building so that will be a new adventure.
  • After church, we headed to Grannymom's house for lunch. We had a good lunch and soon after we ate, many of my kids walked down the Cash's house to see his puppy dogs. 
  • This afternoon I did some napping. Then it was time to get to work. Keaton made peanut butter cookies that were quite the hit tonight. Also Graham helped me make and cut Shannon's pinwheels which we ate every bit of them also tonight.
  • Reagan had a bunch of her fellow 8th graders over tonight to tie dye shirts for their Wednesday church. There was about 9 kids here, plus all of the Heltz plus my crew so the house was hopping tonight.
  • I was completely surprised how easy tie dyeing was. We might just have another tie dying party or two-I certainly have plenty of dye. I thought that I might need 3 things of dye-so I bought 5-and used less than 1! Plenty is left for another party or 14.
  • Robby made a bar full of food tonight for all of the teenagers. They grazed and then the adults grazed. You know is a good party when Reagan said that her friends wanted to come back. And you also know it is a good party when the kitchen is a wreck!

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