July 20, 2020

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  • My alarm went off in time for me to call the doctor about Graham's ear. Last night I had convinced Graham that he possibly was a hypochondriac. After learning what that meant, we did recall that he has recently had to go to the doctor for a blood test, poison ivy last week and now a bum ear.
  • The nurse didn't seemed to concerned and just told me to buy over the counter drops. I have over the counter drops, but I wasn't sure that they were enough. After some reading, I guess that they are and supposedly, middle ear infections heal on their own. We will hope so.
  • I worked with Whitman this morning, reading with Anderson and even did Lego's with Graham (yep, Graham!). There was also the unwrapping of the tie dye shirts from yesterday. Campbell was super pleased with hers while Keaton wants to add some more dye to hers. That is fine because I have enough dye to dye all of the clothes in this house.
  • I made some blueberry pound cake this morning as well-I did keep busy which I seem to do on Mondays now. The only problem with that is tomorrow there will be less to do! Not really though since tomorrow has 4 things on the calendar.
  • The termite man did come to repair, but he wasn't able to repair just yet because the bugs are still alive. He was supposed to come 30 days after they put out the booster treatment. That all means that another booster treatment is on the schedule for tomorrow (Last time that they used 70 gallons around the house-our house just might float away on termite spray.) and it means that the repair man can't come for another 30 days. Not a problem since it is all in the garage.
  • Nonna and Pops picked up Graham for an afternoon out. They went to the cookie lady's house, they did some birthday shopping, they ate out and just had a good ole time. Graham was worn out when he did come home this evening.
  • The rest of us ran to the pool for about 3 hours-the longest we have stayed this year. It was super hot out so I had to get in the pool twice. The pool was fairly empty today which was nice. 
  • Once at home, Graham came back followed by Robby and I running to get pizza. After we ate, we then went to the Wilson's house to pick their tomatoes. However, the exciting part was when we came home, and we discovered a bean ready to pick in our tiny garden. I do already have 2 kids that want to eat the bean so maybe we will have another one in a few days.
  • Tonight there were a few rounds of Uno-I was the champion once! After snacks, it was finally time for the crew to head to bed!

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