July 22, 2020

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  • We all woke up early this morning because Whitman, Keaton and Campbell had swim practice, Graham and Anderson had a visit to UAMS and Reagan had a friend coming over.
  • The swim teamers left just as the rain started here. Robby said that it wasn't raining at the pool at first, but it eventually did. Campbell said that it poured so much that the rain hurt. I am not sure about that, but Robby agreed that it was coming down! 
  • Anderson and Graham ventured with me to UAMS so they could participate in a research study. First there were questions for them and surveys for us all. We were there for about 2 hours before we all left with 50 dollars each.
  • Reagan's friend Kaleigh came over today because her family was out of town. They had a great time hanging out together during the day. My little girls followed the big girls around most of the day-they watched a movie this morning and Campbell even made everyone grilled cheese for their lunches.
  • I worked steadily marking things off of my to do list today but really accomplished nothing. Reagan left at 3 so they could work on their lip sync battle. Anderson wasn't too far behind her and was soon at church practicing.
  • We actually just watched the video and both groups did very well. Reagan had a perfect part for her-little time on stage. Anderson's group is just about 8 boys, and they did great with their little group.
  • After we ate our church-brought supper, we headed to the Crafts. It was Gabriel's birthday so we had him a little present to open. The kids played for a long time-even though we weren't going to stay long at all, we did! They even had to pull out popsicles for a snack!

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