July 27, 2020

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  • I was the first one awake this morning-I actually had no idea what I was hearing when my alarm started ringing. I wasn't sure when Laynie was coming over so I did jump up so I would be up when she arrived.
  • I woke up Campbell and Keaton and they anxiously awaited their friend to arrive. Meanwhile, I had to wake everyone else up because today was the church's mini vbs. I wasn't working today, but Anderson and Reagan were so that meant that I dropped off all 6 of my crew!
  • I hurried back home to do a few things-unfortunately, I didn't do a ton of things, but I did load a few things into the camper. It is like moving into a house-I want to put everything in just the right spot, but I don't know what the right spot is just yet. 
  • All too soon it was time to head back to church to pick up my kids plus Laynie plus the Fergies. It again was a full of car! We dropped off some and were soon home eating our lunches. We had about an hour at home before picking up Brett and heading to the pool.
  • The kids enjoyed playing at the pool, and I enjoyed sitting on my chair. I will say that I am darker each time we come back from the pool even though I sit and stay in the shade. I just don't understand how that works at all.
  • Back at home, I helped Robby with some water hoses before it was time for me to go to Bunko. Now I did leave early so I could spent some time at the dollar store to find a few things for the camper. 
  • Meanwhile, Robby heated up leftovers for everyone. I had so many leftovers today that I made enchiladas with some of those leftovers. That didn't even put much of a dent in the fridge, but hopefully supper tonight made a difference. 
  • I stayed out a bit but was home in time to put the kids in bed-even though we lollygagged and even let them stay up until almost 11. I am sure that it will be difficult to wake everyone up tomorrow!

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