July 2, 2020

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  • I didn't sleep all that great last night, and I think that yesterday's Walmart disturbance bothered my girls too because they slept in the same bed. I did sleep in though so there were dishes, laundry and working with Whitman as soon as I could.
  • I had my yearly doctor's appointment today. It was uneventful so that was good. While I was gone the kids didn't really do much! The neighbors haven't been out much this week, so my crew have been in the house pretty much the whole time.
  • I did take a picture of Whitman doing his daily reading. He read today while rolling back and forth, back and forth on the hover board. Just a different child!
  • As soon as I did get home from the doctor, Campbell and I went to work on her syran wrap ball. It ended up being a pretty big ball, and we needed Keaton, Graham and Whitman to help us finish.
  • After we finished, we worked on the rest of the party things. The bin in loaded with pretty much everything ready to go for Monday. I still have a grocery store run to make, but the half birthday party is almost ready to happen!
  • I then did go to the pregnancy center to volunteer for a little bit. I stayed until 4:30ish and made it home by 5. Back at home, Graham made another quiche for supper. We had made 2 pie crusts last time we made quiche so tonight's supper was much quicker.
  • Graham had been wanting to go fishing so we took him down the road to the church. While we were there, he let Campbell, Keaton and Whitman do a bit of fishing too. No one caught anything. 
  • Keaton and Whitman both rode their bikes around the church for a little bit. Robby and I looked at the churches gaga pit and did some measuring. It started sprinkling pretty good so we hurried on to our next stop-Kroger.
  • Robby and I ran in while the kids stayed in the car watching the crazy lightening storm. We loaded up on ice cream before heading home for our evening snacks!

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