June 6, 2020-Happy 10 1/2 Birthday (Party) Campbell!

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  • I would have loved to have slept in today, but I did be responsible and get myself up so I could wake Reagan and Anderson up. Robby was off today so I had to tiptoe out of the bed. Actually, I didn't tiptoe-if I am not sleeping, then no one is sleeping. Kidding-I did try to be quiet.
  • Anderson was easier to wake up than Reagan was. Campbell and Keaton were so excited about tonight's half birthday party for Campbell that they were up early early!
  • Soon Anderson and Reagan left for church. Is it so nice having folks nearby that we can rotate driving responsibilities with. Today's mission Monday consisted of cleaning out a barn at Raymar and some work around the church house. I am not sure exactly what all was done, but I do I know that pizza was for lunch and that they came home sweaty and sunburned.
  • I avoided my laundry pile and instead started on party prep with Campbell and Keaton. This was such an easy party to get ready for since everything was in packages. I didn't have to make a single thing except for heat up the chocolate for the fountain.
  • We worked for a while getting things set up. Finally, it was finished enough for me to sit down and take a short nap. I did work with Whitman first on his spelling and time telling. After my rest, Robby and Whitman headed out to Grannymom's house while the rest of us loaded up for our trip around town.
  • Our first stop was to pick up Anderson after Mission Monday. We also chauffeured Reagan, Alyssa, Kennedy, Emma, Noah and Alex to Ava's house so they could practice their lip sync song for Wednesday night. 
  • The next stop was to pick up the two oldest Craft girls so they could come over early and help Campbell decorate for her party. They were all so excited about decorating and chatted the entire way home.
  • Then we dropped off a few things at one house on the way home. It took a while, but we made it back in time for the decorators to have plenty of time. Zoey came over early too, and the girls went to town.
  • Soon Laynie, Caroline, Eden and Lily arrived and the party started. First they girls played a straw and skittle game. Then we moved on to painting followed by oh, gracious. I can't really remember the order. 
  • I do know that while the girls painted, Anderson and Graham hid the scavenger hunt clues. We thought that the scavenger hunt would take a little bit of time, but they flew through it. There was also orbeez to play with along with a balloon stomp game. 
  • Robby ran to get the pizza while the girls played "who knows Campbell best." Oh and the most exciting part of the evening was the huge syran wrap ball that we had made. It took a little while to do-I think that was probably most everyone's favorite thing to do.
  • Campbell received a bunch of presents-there was cash, slime, make up and an assortment of other things. They were all things that she would like-so she was super excited. The girls eventually migrated outside to play gaga ball. Brett showed up so he even played with them a little bit.
  • We decided to continue the party and just take everyone home at the end of the party. It was not a problem so we drove around dropping everyone off. This did take a bit but was fun. When we came home, Robby and I went to work on the kitchen and soon everything was back in order.
  • Robby did have to work on the dishwasher late tonight. It just isn't the best-or it just really doesn't drain the best. He cleaned it out so things are in good working order-for now. 
  • We waited too late to get our ice cream tonight-so I guess we will have to wait for another night for our Blue Bell. 

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