July 3, 2020

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  • All day long I have felt like today has been Saturday. I think that is because Robby was off of work today. Or maybe because I slept fairly late. Either way, it was a pretty perfect day.
  • Campbell and Keaton were up early this morning making pancakes out of muffin mixes. They had seen the recipe last night and had to make it today. It was actually pretty good though Keaton was not a fan.
  • I do believe that the kids have been getting more and more bored around here. It doesn't help that the neighbors haven't been out at all this week. Campbell and Graham are my most stir crazy kiddos. We have been going places and seeing people, but they are just a bit anxious to get out of the house.
  • They didn't get out of the house this morning, but Robby and I did. Our first stop was the look at the gaga pit at church. Then it was to Lowes to buy a few boards to play around for the pit, and finally it was to Kroger to buy some more ice cream-can you really have too much ice cream?
  • When we returned home, I made another blueberry pound cake. This one, again, stuck to the pan. This is the worst one yet. I briefly thought about remaking it. However, I just plan to smother it with icing tomorrow.
  • Nonna and Pops came over for a little bit to see the shed. They visited for a while. The kids enjoyed showing them our little garden...which still doesn't look like it is going to give me any veggies. Bless, we have tried hard though.
  • After supper tonight, we decided to go and look for snow cones. We didn't get very far because we ended up at the Craft's house. Then we all headed out for snow cones-we tried two different places but didn't find any. We did however find a Kroger and some ice cream.
  • We ended up crashing their house again to eat our ice cream. This kids were happily playing cards as we tried to leave so we stayed a while. Everyone had lots of fun, even though we stayed out way too late. It was a great start to a holiday weekend.

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