July 15, 2020-Happy 20th Anniversary!

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Whitman was the first one awake this morning. He crawled into our bed just in time for my alarm to ring. He is perfectly snuggly, but it was time to wake everyone up for swim team. I had to work really hard to wake up Campbell and Keaton. They were not moving very quickly at all. 

We left a minute later than usual but still made it there in time. I ran to Walmart during some of swim, but I made it back in time to see the big and little kids doing a relay race. Keaton and Whitman's team won, and they were so excited.

We hurried back home, so Graham could quickly take a shower and change clothes. As soon as he was out, Candice was there to pick him up. Today was his day at the Little Rock Family Care Home. He said that they were busy all day long. I did see him in a video working hard outside. 

Robby and I washed and folded about 4 loads of laundry this morning plus did our packing. The dishes were washed along with reading with Anderson and Whitman's spelling. Around noon, Grannymom and Grandpa came over, and Robby and I headed out!

The day at the house was pretty busy. Graham didn't get home until 2ish. Campbell made cake at some point. Reagan and Anderson had Collide tonight-water night. And Campbell and Keaton went to the pool with Candice this evening. 

Robby and I stopped at Hobby Lobby and Micheals before grabbing lunch from Chilis. We ate our eggrolls and chicken and waffles in the car. Robby also had a free dessert from there so we had to eat that quickly so the ice cream didn't melt. It all was delicious. The chicken and waffles are one of my favorite eat out foods. Then we stopped at Walmart-I was busy looking for purple dye for Reagan who wants to have a tie dye party. Purple dye is hard to come by in Little Rock and even on the internet! I think that I have enough-at least I hope so.

It wasn't a bad drive at all. We were soon at Mt. Magazine State Park. The drive up the hill was very pretty. We checked into the lodge and found our room. It didn't take too long before I was taking my nap! Our view is just gorgeous-we are on the third floor.

After hanging out in the room quietly for a bit, we decided to go and get some cheese dip. We walked down to the restaurant and ordered cheese dip and a hamburger. While we waited, we walked down the trail some and looked at the cabins here.

It took about 20 minutes but soon our food was ready. We ate in rocking chairs by the overlook. We sat out there eating until it was dark. There aren't many folks around-kind of deserted. Then it was back to the room-we don't have any ice cream here, but did bring some peanut butter m&ms, but we are even too full for that!

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