April 1, 2021

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  • Today was the last day of school for the week which is always my favorite day. I have always loved Thursdays, but now I do love them even most. Everyone did well on their school, but Whitman and Graham were my slow pokes. I was finishing working with Graham after I took Reagan to her class at 12:30 today.
  • Reagan had her class and while she was gone, I kicked it into high gear here. I had a few chores that I wanted to accomplish so I went to town working on them. They weren't too big-first the little 3 had to do their Bible study. Then I worked on my reloading of the camper-today I restocked the paper products. Then we went through all of the shoes in the bins and the ones on the shelves.
  • I realized just the other day that I haven't switched the girls' clothes or the big boys' clothes. Really this only effects Keaton who has lots of clothes in the attic that she can wear-the others don't have that many clothes. However, it is always nice to go through and straighten your drawers and closets-we might work on some of that tomorrow (or maybe not).
  • I did gather a few Easter clothes-I have clothes for 2 of 6  I guess that is pretty good. I am no longer a "you have to have new clothes on Easter" kind of gal, but I would like for folks to have some type of summer clothes to their name. I need to do a little more searching tomorrow-hopefully I can finish up the big boys Easter tomorrow.
  • This afternoon the Fergusons all came over to play for a little bit. That was lots of fun-Jennifer even brought cookies. Whitman played really well with the boys, and I enjoyed holding the baby. They left a bit before we all left for soccer practice.
  • We only have 3 soccer players this year-Campbell, Keaton and Whitman. There practices are all on the same night plus they are at the same time so it all works out great. We even took Bentley tonight and she enjoyed running around with Reagan, Graham and Anderson.
  • After practice we picked up supper and came home to eat. Everyone needed showers so that took up the rest of the evening. Once I finish this blog, I plan on finishing a Hallmark movie before bed!

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