April 17, 2021

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  • This morning Anderson went with me early in the morning to work the concession stand. I actually didn't think that I would be able to wake him up. It took me 2 trips up stairs, and I was headed up once again when I finally heard him walking down.
  • Campbell also joined us too. She helped some in the concession stand, but also found a few friends to play with  until Robby and the other arrived. 
  • Reagan reffed 3 games today. One of those games was Campbell's game. Also Reagan said that she prayed before 2 of her 3 games. She also said that it wasn't that hard to pray before the games since all you have to say is 5 words, "be safe, have fun, amen." I guess that is certainly true.
  • Anderson reffed 1 game, and Graham also reffed one game. Graham reffed Whitman's game and really did great job. Anderson reffed the game between two staff members so I am sure that wasn't any pressure at all.
  • Whitman's team lost their game, but Whitman didn't know that. He was actually leading his team in a chant at one point while sitting on the bench. All he cared about was getting a bag of chips after the game.
  • Keaton's team won, and Keaton even scored. She then ran back to the middle and looked at us all cheering for her-she was sure grinning. She playing goalie for at least one period as well.
  • Campbell's team also won their game. Two wins today-we really don't have to have any more all season long. Campbell did great but a was a bit stand offish today. She played goalie the first bit of the game, but I was on the other side watching Whitman play so I didn't see it.
  • After the Campbell and Whitman's game, Robby went to watch another game-the one that Anderson was calling. I worked in the concession stand and froze to death the last game. It just got super chilly outside and all I could think about was getting home to take a warm shower.
  • It took us a while to leave the field-we had to round up all of our people. Campbell had a friend over plus we had one extra to drop off. I unloaded the cars, put things away and repacked some things. Then there were a few house chores before I finally did get into that shower. 
  • After that I was warm and cozy and really wanted a nap. I was about to lay my head down when Reagan asked me to take her and Alyssa to Walmart. I knew we were going at some point. We also met Kennedy there-they had to buy paint so they could paint their shoes. That is what they are currently working on right now.
  • Campbell, her friend, Keaton and the neighbor all spent the afternoon playing outside. Robby ran to get bbq for supper, so we quickly fed 12 folks supper before Campbell's friend had to go home. 
  • Whitman is showering currently, the big girls are painting their shoes, the little girls are outside playing and the big boys are in mission control on their xboxes. 

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