April 21, 2021

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  • We just keep waking up later and later these days-and it's wonderful. Well, we aren't really waking up later and later, I should probably say that I am starting school later and later. I still have quite a bit of read aloud things to finish.
  • Oh, Whitman and I have been reading Harry Potter for a good while now. Since we finished it and the movie, Whitman has asked me everyday for us to start reading another book. I hate to tell him that I need a little bit of a break from reading. I figure I will get us a new book to read this summer.
  • I don't really remember our school day except that it was fairly short. By a bit after noon, I was upstairs going through two more bins of girls clothes. We actually have gone through 9 bins of girls clothes this week. Of those, we have returned 3 back to the attic, found about a bin full of clothes that will go in the girls' drawers or closet now, passed 3 bags of clothes on to a friend and have 2 more bags to take to donate. Pretty good, I love to clean out-unfortunately, for Robby and the rest of the family, I don't love to clean so much!
  • The girls all worked on their drawers too today. Hopefully, that will spur them on to straighten their room a little bit too. The boys probably need to straighten their room too-hopefully, we will be able to paint their room soon as well. And really, if we are being honest, I need to straighten my room. I do at least clean it every night, but there are dog toys all over like we have a toddler.
  • I did my treadmill time today-almost scared myself senseless since I was watching a mystery. That is a bit unlike me! Afterwards, it was time for me to load up my crew and head to church. On the way, we stopped at ChickFilA. Reagan wanted to buy a drink so I told everyone to that they could use their own money.
  • We did decide to just order on the app and deal with what they owed us later. I still managed to order Reagan the wrong drink, Graham didn't get a cherry on his milkshake, and Campbell's milkshake was 1/4 empty. I was a bit disappointed/frustrated with my ordering abilities. 
  • While we were at church, Robby dog sat Annie. The Wilsons went to watch Brett play so they were gone a while. Annie stayed with us and they really did very well. Bentley is worn completely out from playing with her friend.
  • Once Annie left, it was time for my crew to head to bed! Bentley was not the only one that was tired.

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