April 8, 2021

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  • I was up early enough this morning to actually do a few things before we started on school-I mean, I could have done a few things before school, but instead I just laid in bed with my phone and the dog. Really, what could have been better? Maybe a kid instead of the dog-but the dog doesn't ask questions.
  • We did our school-we don't have many more days left. I guess I should count up and see so I can plan accordingly. Our school year has been very productive, but not nearly as productive as last year when during the spring we kicked things into high gear since nothing much was happening.
  • Graham has gotten back to his hard math so that was a challenge for him today. He did finally act like he got some things, so we will see on Monday if he remembers it at all. 
  • I left with Keaton and Campbell to take Reagan to school today. When I was gone I told Whitman to ask his brothers for help-I returned two hours later to Whitman almost in tears. He couldn't get his brothers to help him nor had her eaten lunch. Bless it-though Whitman should have asked his dad for some help since his brothers denied him.
  • While I was out and while Reagan was at class, Keaton, Campbell and I bought some things for Whitman's party, bought some things for another holiday, and bought some tings for Whitman's party tomorrow. I have a whole list of things to happen tomorrow and most of those are to get ready for the shin dig tomorrow.
  • I was home for a few minutes before leaving again with Campbell to go to the pregnancy center. They are always so kind and gracious there. I do enjoy our time there. Campbell and I worked pretty hard going through boxes and straightening things up.
  • We met the others back at Raymar. My folks all enjoyed soccer practice again tonight. Bentley enjoyed it because he played with his super big friend Sully. They walked and walked around the fields wearing Bentley out.
  • Robby picked up supper on the way home-Chinese, my favorite. We ate while I worked on Saturday's schedules before heading to the Wilson's house to meet their new little puppy Annie. Bentley smelled all over her and can't wait to play more with his buddy. After some ice cream and a tiny bit of visiting, it was time for us to bring this party home and to bed.

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